About Us

About Us

rebbeCoinAt the Yeshiva LeRabbonus Pretoria we seek to not only prepare the Bochrim for their Smicha farhers. Rather, we endeavour to give them a passion for learning Halocha and the skills necessary to feed that passion.

Furthermore, in keeping with the ideas expressed by the Rebbe in a Sicha of 24 Teves 5712, testing of the material is done in a manner that does not simply test the Bochur’s knowledge and understanding of the material. By presenting the Bochrim with real שאלות which have been received, the Bochrim are called upon to apply all the Halocha they have learnt and come to a final פסק.

Though this way of testing is more challenging, we find that Bochrim have a greater sense of accomplishment and success as a result. After spending many hours every day learning the הלכות, the reward of applying that information is beyond words and far more valuable than the certificate of סמיכה itself.

The Smicha

The Yeshiva LeRabbonus Pretoria prides itself on a high standard of learning coupled with practical application of the material learnt. As mentioned, testing is of a penetrating nature ensuring a sound knowledge of the material and the ability to apply the material to practical cases. Successful תלמידים will receive Smicha from the Rabbonim of the Yeshiva which is endoresed by the Rabbinical Council of America (R.C.A)

Communal Involvement

The Yeshiva LeRabbonus of Pretoria is an initiative of the Pretoria Jewish community designed to invigorate the community with Torah study and learning which is recognised as being the mainstay of any Jewish community.

The impact of the Bochrim on the community and on people’s lives is felt and appreciated by all. As a result, it can be seen not simply as an opportunity to receive a high calibre and internationally acclaimed Smicha, but also as a Shlichus.

Please note

that as of academic year 5784 we will no longer be accepting for just the Smicha year only graduates from the Pre-smicha year can enter the Smicha program.