Our Staff

Our Staff

6Rabbi Gidon Fox

Rabbi Fox is a dayan of the South Africa Beis Din, Rabbi of the Pretoria Hebrew Congregation as well as founder and Rabbinic Administrator of SHIFRA South Africa, which deals with the Halachos of Assisted Reproductive Medicine and provides Hashgocha for couples undergoing fertility treatment in South Africa. He is also the Chairman of the Southern African Rabbinical Association and is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA). At the suggestion of the Johannesburg Beth Din and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Rabbi Fox commenced studies towards Yadin Yadin through Eretz Chemda in Israel. Rabbi Fox has taught in high school, girl’s seminaries as well as the Machon Lehora’a.

Rabbi Chaim Finkelstein

Rabbi Finkelstein is a posek and the founder and dean of the Institute for Halachik ‎Research South Africa. As the fields of Halacha and education are his passion, Rabbi ‎Finkelstein founded this institution to further academic expertise in technical areas ‎of Torah Law and to empower young rabbis with leadership skills. ‎

Rabbi Finkelstein's diverse educational experience includes Yeshivas Ohr ‎Menachem Johannesburg, Yeshivas Ohr Someach Monsey NY and Kollel Beis ‎Aharon Johannesburg.‎

Rabbi Finkelstein is also an independent consultant for rabbis of all religious ‎affiliations internationally and advises on a daily basis.‎

8Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Kesseleman

Rabbi Kesselman, who comes from a long line of Mashpi’im, arrived on שליחות to South Africa in 1984. He took up the position of Mashpia in the Lubavitcher Yeshiva of Johannesburg and has served in the capacity of Mashpia since then. In 1995 Rabbi Kesselman also took on the role as רב of the בית מנחם shul in Johannesburg. Over the decades, Rabbi Kesselman has taught many students and inspired people, young and old alike. Some of Rabbi Kesselman’s students have themselves become great educators and teachers of Chassidus, combining the same passion, knowledge and practical application of deep concepts which are the hallmark of Rabbi Kesselman.


Aviva Fox

Menaheles gashmi takes care of all the bochrim's needs within the dorm. She is ably assisted by Ben our Chef and staff Lebo and Pearly. All meals, groceries, maintenance, laundry etc are overseen by her.


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Louis Pearlman – Founder of Chayenu Weekly

Mendel Goldman – Founder of Chayenu Weekly

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Mark Seligman

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that as of academic year 5784 we will no longer be accepting for just the Smicha year only graduates from the Pre-smicha year can enter the Smicha program.